Sheet Materials

                                    Plywood | Gyprock | MDF | Particle Board | Blueboard | Yellow Tongue Flooring | Hardiflex | Villaboard

We sell a variety of sheet materials.  Our product range includes plywood – structural and non structural and marine grade. We also sell  MDF, hardiflex, villaboard, gyprock, blueboard, yellow tongue flooring and particle board in various sizes.   



Plywood also known as ply board and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Our Plywood is available in structural, non-structural and marine grade. It is a manufactured board which is constructed by laminating thin sheets of veneer at right angles which produces a sheet like product with the grain running in both directions in the plane of the sheet.  


It is available in both Interior, exterior and marine grades.



MDF stands for Medium density fibreboard.


It is a premium quality wood composite panel with a fine homogenous structure which is uniform throughout its thickness,and with an extremely smooth surface. Is available in standard sizes.


MDF is generally used for making cabinets and shelving.

Yellow Tongue Flooring

Interior all purpose flooring is used in domestic and residential buildings.
Sheets are wax coated and wax impregnated for added moisture protection and are manufactured in Australia from renewable plantation pine grown in Australia.  
Sheet size 3600 x 900 x 19mm thick